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Mar. 18th, 2012

I'm finding it quite frustrating that people don't believe me when I say I am declutttering. Maybe it's because I have hoarded stuff for so long that they don't think I can break the habit.

I still take broken items home from work and any broken jewellery and material from anyone who offers it. I'm really grateful for anything I can use in my jewellery and found art pieces. I just store them better and actually use them instead of hoarding them because "one day they will come in handy". The day they will come in handy is now :)

Instead of putting a ripped t-shirt into storage, I cut it into strips and add it to my crocheted rug. Each time I find something ripped or tatty, I cut it into strips and add it to the rug there and then. In the last couple of weeks I've added a pair of ripped tights and a sock with a hole in it. I'm considering adding my favourite t-shirt in there as the print has all crumbled off and it makes me feel sad when i wear it now instead of the happy when it was in a fit state. i deserve better :)

Last week the 8 dining chairs whose feet scratch the laminate floor were sold to my work as we needed more chairs for the canteen. It doesn't matter that we only have 2 dining chairs left. the others weren't suitable.

And the clothes I've been saving to sell as I wanted to get some cash back on them are being listed at a really low starting bid so that they leave the house. if they don't sell I relist them at an even lower starting bid. nothing has been left over yet, even if I start the items at 49p it still means they go.

So I'm doing really well. Hope everyone else is too!